Exposed to stalking/Stalker?

Are you being followed by anyone? Maybe exposed to stalking? Musso Detective Agency helps you identify stalkers and collect evicende.


Illegal persecution is colloquially called stalking and means that a perpetrator commits repeated criminal acts against one and the same person. Stalking can also be about someone making repeated and unwanted contact with their victim and committing acts that can be frightening or offensive. The contact can be made in various forms, calls, messages, emails, in social media, and even letters.


Stalking is a major problem for the affected person. It affects the whole life and creates fear and anxiety. The stalker can be an ordinary person, an example from, for example, your previous relationship, a person who hates you and wants you badly, etc. But our experience is that stalking can actually affect pretty much anyone. It is important to act as soon as possible, the chances of correcting the problem are then greater. At present, stalking is not a priority for the police authority as many believe that they lack resources, which affects the victim.


Musso Detektivbyrå has a lot of experience in working with identifying and confronting stalkers. We know how difficult and frightening it can be for the victim. The police's resources are not sufficient, which means that they do not prioritize such cases. But we do! We use the following working methods to identify stalkers.

> Physical reconnaissance - We can observe in different places to identify stalkers. Such places can be your workplace, your mailbox, or yourself to see if someone is stalking you.

>Once the person-stalker has been identified, a confrontation can take place. After this, the problem usually ends, because the stalker knows that he / she has been identified. In more serious cases, the overall documentation from the investigation is used to make a police report.