Secrecy Policy

We work under professional confidentiality agreements. When you contact us, you will always receive detailed information about our privacy policy. You will feel safe when you hire us. We ensure that all customer management is performed in a secure environment and will never be provided to third parties. For this reason, we have also decided not to handle cases on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or other channels that enable eavesdropping on third parties.

It is very important to us to protect your personal information. All personal information you provide to us is stored on a secure server and we will adopt a reliable process to protect them from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction.

Strict duty of confidentiality

Our privacy responsibility is extensive and is designed to ensure that the information you share with us or the information we share with you is between us. This means that we will not distribute information that is not related to the case to any other party, nor will we share it with anyone else. We also do not share information, such as surveys, contact information or other information, with any organization about our customers. However, there are some exceptions.

Exception rules

§1 - Sexual abuse of children

If our investigators detect an ongoing crime or crime against children or child pornography on hard drives, mobile phones or other digital devices, we are obliged to take action and report to the police.

§2 - Terrorism

If our investigators discover that the person / has committed a terrorist crime, or plan / sponsor or facilitate terrorist attacks, etc., we are obliged to take action and report to the police.

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