Information retrieval

Information gathering and investigation

We are an investigation company that is engaged in investigating, reviewing and collecting information for individuals and companies. Our expertise is related to conscious investment in skilled and experienced employees, advanced technology and ongoing work that involves various issues, and our competence will be constantly adapted.


One of our most used services is investigation and information gathering. We have a group of dedicated investigators who perform different tasks to help other investigations with many different elements or answer specific questions. In order for the case to be resolved, investigations are very important and often decisive. Investigation may involve the following aspects: mapping of property owned by natural or legal persons, circles with individuals in a network of acquaintances or contacts, information about family relationships or information about travel methods, bookings, receipts or in-depth background checks.

Here are some examples of when the service is useful:

  • Personal connections
  • Background checks
  • Find biological parents
  • Find an address or phone number
  • Search for deceased
  • Social media and internet surveys
  • Extensive background checks
  • Address Report
  • Other investigation and research - much more. All information gathering or research is adapted to your needs. When we find out more about your case, we can give you more customized suggestions.