Do you suspect that your partner is unfaithful? Hire a private investigator to confirm or eliminate your suspicion through an infidelity investigation.

Private detectives can help you confirm or deal with suspicions

Do you have a bad stomach feeling that refuses to let go? Suspicions that your partner is unfaithful? Not knowing the answer can cause a lot of anxiety and fear. Infidelity is becoming more common and if you suspect that something is wrong with your partner, you deserve to find out the truth. Do not confront your partner without proof! He / she will immediately remove all evidence, which then makes the job much more difficult if your partner finds out about your suspicions. In that case, he / she will be much more careful, which may lead to you not receiving confirmation of your suspicions. Our private detectives go to the bottom of it all and deliver evidence in the form you want - photos, video or other technical material. Contact us for a free consultation on how we can proceed with your particular case.


Hiring a private detective to prove infidelity may feel like a big or costly step, but it becomes even more costly (both financially and emotionally) to stay in a relationship where your partner has been unfaithful for a long time.


When you contact Musso Detektivbyrå, you can be completely anonymous even if you choose to hire us. All communication between us and you is confidential, and your partner will never find you contact us. If we find evidence of infidelity, we will provide it to you in the form of photos, videos or other forms of information gathering.