Provide adaptation services for municipalities. We help municipalities in the country with controlled purchases, alcohol and tobacco test purchases and also provide investigation services, reconnaissance services and information gathering for the authorities.


Authorities such as CSN, Försäkringskassan, municipalities, the government etc. Municipalities usually require that the work is carried out and managed in an efficient manner and the best way to handle the tax funds decided by the government and the parliament, which is a difficult task. Data have increased, but financial resources have not increased to a corresponding extent. Musso Detektivbyrå provides services to many organizations and we can help you in areas where we have extensive experience, expertise and resources to ensure good results. For municipalities that want to buy from our service area, simpler procurement procedures can sometimes be used. In direct procurement, there are no legal rules for how bidding should be formulated. The bidding can be oral or written.


Musso Detektivbyrå helps municipalities to carry out test purchases and other thorough and thorough investigations and carry out inspections in companies and shops to check how to follow the rules for the sale of tobacco and alcohol to minors. We can also help monitor and control service licenses.