The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims to create a uniform and equivalent level of protection of personal data. The law strengthens your rights as a private person, you get a better and clearer control over how your personal data is used.
The regulation applies throughout the EU. It applies both if the person processing personal data (the person responsible for personal data) has activities within the EU and if the person responsible for personal data processes data related to persons within the EU.
As a player in the security industry where integrity and anonymity are central concepts, we of course consider this legislation important and have adapted all our routines so that they meet all the requirements of the law.
We also want to draw your attention to the fact that the nature of our business means that collecting information and information about you as a client with us is always very economical. When we receive a case, only the team concerned works with the case. If it is a forensic investigation, only the forensic team is working on the case. When it comes to reconnaissance / mapping, only the team has access to your information. We automatically delete all cases 14 days after the end of the investigation / contact and do not retain any information from the investigation such as photos, copies of forensic analysis or contact information for the client.