Insurance company

When it is suspected that someone is committing, already carrying out or planning to commit insurance fraud, we will investigate and provide documentation. Our work is usually ordered by the insurance company because more evidence must be collected to make a compensation decision and be able to detect fraud.


Insurance fraud has one thing in common - unless a crime is suspected, it will not be investigated. This suspicion may be based on tips that the insurance company has received, or the fact that the insurance company's own investigators have established other insurance frauds. When we are called, we usually help insurance investigators and supplement the ongoing investigation. Through methods such as physical examination or information gathering, we can check whether a person's behavior corresponds to what he or she reports to the insurance company. All investigations will be carried out with care, and we will provide the results in the form of detailed reports according to the requirements of the case, usually with photos and video evidence. It can then be used as a basis for the company's internal investigation of suspected insurance fraud. We conduct investigations in Sweden and abroad.


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