What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that the visited website places on your computer. Cookies are used by websites to remember you and to save the choices you have made. Even if you are not logged in to the website, the site can remember things about you via the cookie. The next time you visit the website, forms and other things can be filled in automatically based on the information you provided earlier. The website can also customize its content based on the choices and priorities you have previously made. Cookies do not contain code and therefore do not pose a security problem in your computer. In addition, a cookie can only be read by the website that saved it on your computer. There are different types of cookies. Our website uses fixed cookies and session cookies

Fixed cookies

We use fixed cookies. These are stored in your computer and consist of a short text file so that the website can recognize you on a return visit. The fixed cookie stores some information which, among other things, ensures that certain messages are only displayed once.


Session cookies keep track of and recognize your browser and help the website keep different users separate. It makes it easier for you to use various services on the site. This cookie is not permanently stored in your computer, but disappears when you close your browser.

If you want to say No to cookies

You can also say no to cookies being stored on your computer. You do this in the browser's security settings. No cookies will then be stored in your computer and the use of all types of cookies will cease. Many browsers have features for browsing anonymously or incognito. When you use the browser in this way, all cookies will be deleted when you close your browser. If you choose to say No to cookies, some of the functionality on the website will be impaired. You can also make a setting in your browser that allows you to decide from case to case when a cookie may be saved in your computer.