Private investigator Stockholm


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We turn to individuals as well as companies and the public sector in the Stockholm area. To make it possible for private individuals to employ professional private detectives in Stockholm, we offer our services at favorable prices. 


If you want to know more cases, you can call or send an email. Now you can also chat directly with our staff to ask questions about investigation, investigation methods and costs. Contacting us is completely free. If you want to book a personal meeting through consultation, you will be charged SEK 500 per hour plus VAT due to the large demand for personal meetings. If you then choose to hire us, this fee will be counted as part of the total price, so it is free.


The fees vary slightly depending on the type of service or product you want to order. Some of our services are charged hourly or provided for certain tasks as a fixed fee. The cost of hiring a private detective is approximately SEK 400-700 + VAT per hour. On most assignments, we must be 2 investigators for more efficient work.

It is also possible to conduct results-based surveys, and if information can be communicated, set the price as a cost. This is for certain types of investigations.

Please also understand that we can need more than a week for the most investigations. Many of our clients try to hire us for a few hours and that can result to a bad outcome.


Depending on the task, we can sometimes also provide package prices. Possible expenses are, for example, travel expenses and subsistence allowances. You can choose to cancel the work at any time and then only pay for the work we have done. If payment is not made, the work is terminated immediately. Companies with F-tax certificates can issue invoices.